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Mechanic Christmas Ornament Laser Engraved From Birch Wood

Mechanic Christmas Ornament Laser Engraved From Birch Wood

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If you or someone you know is a Mechanic then this Mechanic themed Christmas ornament is the perfect gift to get for your tree or for that special Mechanic you know

This Mechanic ornament was laser engraved and cut from Birch plywood. This two layered ornament features the words around the outer section (Honest, Reliable, Hard Working,Knowlegable, Customer Oriented, Precise, Consistent, Analytical ) and across the middle says Mechanic, The back layer features a gear shape hand painted. The two layers are glued together. This was finished with Polyurethane clear. A various color fabric ribbon was attached for ease of displaying this on your Christmas tree.

* Measures Approximately 3.5 x 3.5 Inch

* Made From Birch Wood

* Polyurethane Clear

* Various Color Fabric Ribbon For Ease Of Hanging

* Ships In Gift Box As Shown In Photos For Easy Gift Giving

** When you give a Christmas ornament as a Gift.. You create a life long memory to that person and they will think of your kindness every year while decorating their Christmas tree. It is almost as if your saying Merry Christmas to them every year while the family decorates the tree for the holiday festivities.

***NOTE: Wood Colors and Grain Variations will differ from those shown in the stock pictures..

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