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Bass Fish Desk Or Shelf Clock Handcrafted From Ash Wood

Bass Fish Desk Or Shelf Clock Handcrafted From Ash Wood

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Any outdoors man, sportsman, or anyone who enjoys fishing would love to display this Bass fish desk clock on their desk. This Bass fishing clock may even spark up some conversation of some fishing stories

This Bass fish desk or shelf clock was cut by hand ( Handmade ) from 1/2 - 5/8 inch thick Ash wood using a scroll saw. This features silhouette view of a Bass with the name Bass cutout within the fish shape.

This is finished with a homemade mixture of beeswax and mineral oil for a natural wood look. This natural non-toxic finish will keep the wood looking good for many years of enjoyment.

Measures Approximately 7T x 6W x 2D Inches

The 1-7/16 inch quartz clock insert features a white color face with black Arabic numbers surrounded by a gold plated bezel / trim. A stainless steel back cover encases the watch style battery.. clock is powered by a Seiko watch motor. Clock is press fitted into the recessed hole in the wood and can be removed for changing batteries. Clock comes with battery installed and is ready for you to activate.

Ash wood not your style? Message me for details about making this from a wood of your choice..
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