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Basketball Desk Clock Handcrafted From Cherry Wood

Basketball Desk Clock Handcrafted From Cherry Wood

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NOTE: Made To Order Item.. Please Allow Up To 14 Days For Item To Be Made Before I Can Ship This Out... Thank You...

Any Basketball enthusiast would love this mini basketball desk clock setting on their desk or dresser. This basketball desk clock was handcrafted from cherry lumber, not just any cherry lumber but from hand selected cherry lumber with beautiful wood grain design. This basketball clock featuring a basket ball player encased in an oval shape with a circular quartz 1 - 7/16 Arabic numbers, gold bezel, and a white face clock insert. The clock insert is friction fitted into a 1/4 inch deep recessed cut out. Clock is new with battery installed and ready to be activated ( see activation instructions below).

The Cherry lumber was sanded smooth and had my special blend of bees wax and mineral oil finish applied, which gives the wood a very soft silky smooth feel as well as protects this beautiful timepiece for many years of enjoyment.

Measures approximately 7-1/2 inch wide by 6 inch tall by 2 inch deep 1/2 inch thick cherry lumber

These can be made from other types of lumber if you like. Send me a message for details

I have many other sports & wildlife themed clocks styled similar to this available message me your request and I will be glad to make you one..

Setting up your clock:

First you will need to gently pry it free from the recess hole being careful not to dent or gouge the surrounding wood. Once you have the clock insert out, there will be a small plastic clip in the clock setting pin. Pull pin outward and remove the plastic clip, set clock to your chosen time, and then push the setting dial / pin back in and your clock will start. Remove protective film on clocks glass face.. then gently press the clock back into the recessed area....

I find it easier to insert it on an angle with the left side ( opposite of the setting pin ) pushed into the recessed part and then push toward the side while lowering the right side into the recessed area.

Designed by: The Berry Basket Collection

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